New  Added an abilitiy to limit page number for a website in package options

New  Added an abilitiy to limit editing source code of the blocks in package options

New  Added an option to show disabled blocks as blocked for a user (previosly they were hidden)

Improved  Added inserting the revision number to the script's/styles link to force automatically reload updated js/css file

Improved  Added names for options in the 'Settings tab'; several style improvements

Improved  When creating a page from a page template, page settings (title, custom CSS e.t.c) are now aplied from the template

Improved  Added composer files

Improved  Faster installation process

Fixed  Fixed a problem when sometimes custom CSS of the page was not applied


MARCH 14TH, 2020

New  Added an option to add favicon to sites

Improved  Pagebuilder interface has better perfomance

Improved  Several pagebuilder interface style changes

Improved  Faster saving page/template

Improved  Changed behaviour and animation for the left sidebar and style editor

Improved  'Delete' and 'Clone' buttons now appear on mouse hover the element

Fixed  Fixed visual bugs for several blocks

Fixed  Thumbnail generation error fixed


JANUARY 27TH, 2020

Improved  Added support PHP up to newest v7.4

Improved  Tooltip disabled in the text editor

Fixed  Modified several blocks in Enterprise package

Fixed  Added fix for Integrations for PHP <7.0

Fixed  Fixed multipage export on some configurations

Fixed  Removed 'upload_allowed_types' and 'images_allowedExtensions' options

Fixed  Added files needed for translation to another language



New  Modal popup windows

New  Countdown timer blocks

New  HTML code embeds

New  Integration services

New  One-click "search and add" images from Unsplash database

New  Restrictions on revisions (to prevent the frames table to grow like crazy)

Improved  New and improved user panel

Improved  New and improved sites panel

Improved  Custom button colors

Fixed  Caching issue when resizing images in the image library

Fixed  Domain verification when using custom domain publishing

Fixed  FTP publishing misses custom images

Fixed  Force site/page thumbnails to reload and bypass the cache

Fixed  File uploads in forms not working

Fixed  Sites belonging to a disabled account should not be live

Fixed  Editing an image several times creates a mess on the canvas


FEBRARY 10TH, 2019

Fixed  Navigation buttons disappear in mobile view in some blocks

Fixed  In smaller screens, the "delete image" link falls below the image library window

Fixed  When the main site uses SSL, the public site should default to SSL as well

Fixed  Seeming randomly, page names are changed to 0 and some data is lost

Fixed  When we have unsaved changes and try to upload to via (s)FTP, the builder hangs

Fixed  Improved handling of large number of templates (no longer slows down the page builder)

Fixed  Error when uploading sites containnig empty pages to a remote server via (s)FTP

Fixed  In some cases, images don't load on sites published in a sub folder

Fixed  When a user account is generated through the API, the auto login token is not generated

Fixed  Certain setting overrides in config_custom.php are not applied (actviating hooks)

Fixed  After changing an image in a gallery, the zoom icon changes position

Fixed  In the API Users endpoint, proper errors are not generated when the email or package ID are missing

Improved  Images should have the "Link" tab

Improved  Lazy loading for template thumbnails

Improved  When inside the page builder when the current session expires, any interaction with the server will result in redirection to the login page



NOTES: only available via auto update

Fixed  Published pages with a dash ("-") in the name return a 404 error page



Fixed  Styling properties in the style editor can not be translated (these properties can now be translated using the language file)

Fixed  Style editor uses double quotes within double quotes when applying inline CSS (background-image)

Fixed  Block url validation fails when adding new block (only when SSL is used in combination with certain certificates)

Fixed  Custom domain publishing does not work when "www" is included

Fixed  Disabled packages should be hidden from the upgrade drop down menu

New  Initial implementation of RESTful API, providing access to the Users and Packages end-points

New  Automated login; allow users to log into Bloxby by clicking a single link



Fixed  White label logo settings not applied to login/registration pages

Fixed  Links created with the inline text editor cause the content to remain editable on published pages in certain cases

Fixed  Several missing language items

Fixed  FTP uploads end up breaking the markup in certain cases

Fixed  Adding "http://" or "https://" into the custom domain field ends up breaking the link

Fixed  Multi page sites break when published on sub folder

Fixed  Page builder can end up adding the Google Font API links several times

Fixed  License key verification issue


AUGUST 15TH, 2018

Fixed  "Remember me" functionality not working properly

Fixed  Frame toolbars don’t work properly in mobile view (now hidden in mobile view mode)

Fixed  Several text labels missing from English language file

Fixed  Custom domain publishing on a subdomain is not working

Fixed  inblock.js bundle often throws "$ is not defined" console error (fixed by removing jQuery code from inblock module)

Fixed  Global block changes don’t save properly and other quirks with the Global block functionality

Fixed  Not possible to properly user mailto: or tel: links

Fixed  Publish controllers should throw 404 if loaded page does not exist

Fixed  Form submission issues on sub-domain and custom domain published sites

Fixed  Navbars should have unique ID's

Fixed  Page not loading properly for site which is published on sub-folder/domain when name includes hyphen (-)

Fixed  Inactive packages are showing in registration page

Fixed  Published pages have two versions, should be one; only .html versions should load

Fixed  White label CSS is not applied to login page

Fixed  Update outdated Node dependencies & add package-lock.json to repo to prevent Node installation issues

Fixed  Auto update confirmation messages are not working

Fixed  Stripe requires all data to be properly tokenized

Fixed  Footer list items color not changing when modified in style editor

Fixed  Maps can not be deleted from the canvas in certain cases

Improved  Admin users can opt out of updating blocks while keeping auto updates turned on


JULY 8TH, 2018

Fixed  Link modification messes up links in custom domain publishing (“:” ends up being stripped from “http://”)


JUNE 22ND, 2018

Fixed  Version comparison issues in auto update process prevents update in some cases

Fixed  Minor issues related to changing icons in the page builder

Fixed  Export and FTP upload break CSS and markup

Fixed  Background alignment classes not working on Parrot blocks

Fixed  Parallax not showing properly in live preview mode in some cases

Fixed  Minor glitches with some divider blocks

Fixed  Autosave is not working correctly, does not trigger automatically

Fixed  Link popup in text editor appears in wrong position

Fixed  Fixed several spelling errors in the main language file

Fixed  The contact form is not working on Custom domains

Fixed  Stripe issues; related to Stripe’s changes to their API


MAY 29TH, 2018

Fixed  ignore_user_abort triggers errror when ini_set disabled

Fixed  Published site on sub domain should reflect the protocol of main app domain

Fixed  Site Limits can be bypassed with site clone option

Fixed  Legacy SQL slows down Sites panel when there’s a large number of sites

Fixed  [Undefined index value] showing when logging in while no license key provided (ony in DEVELOPMENT mode)

Fixed  During the auto update process, codeupdate controllers gets called with wrong version number

Fixed  During the installation process, codeupdate controllers gets called with wrong version number

Fixed  Several bugs related to the global CSS

Fixed  Fixed several spelling errors in the main language file

Fixed  Package route triggers error (conflict with the package.ini file)

Fixed  base URL tag in sites breaks relative links

Fixed  Parrot header block bacground issues

Fixed  Custom domain redirects to application domain if both are either with or without “www”

Fixed  Red outline and toolbar gets saved occasionally

Fixed  Language issues (missed hard coded text which should be in language file)

Fixed  When FTP and export are disbaled, some of the buttons from the revisions dropdown fall outside the viewport

Fixed  Bottom two buttons in right sidebar are not visible on smaller screens

Fixed  Contents of the //assets can be accessed when uploaded to server

New  Easier/better Google font integration

New  Page templates are now using categories

New  Better block content editing for admin users – ADMIN users can create new blocks directly through the admin interface

New  Implemented template selection directly from the dashboard

New  Implemented a white-label settings panel

New  Allow admin users to assign sites to different users

New  Allow admin users to save blocks as regular blocks (directly from the page builder canvas)

Imrpoved  Custom domain publishing message should mention the IP address, not domain name

Imrpoved  Optimizations to the Sites panel and Users panel

Imrpoved  Inform the ADMIN to remove the /install folder after installation

Imrpoved  Domain and redirection issues (proper dealing with www and sub domains)

Imrpoved  Front-end can now be safely extended

Imrpoved  Encode / decode page data to prevent security issues

Imrpoved  Block categories can now be limited per membership package

Imrpoved  Updated the Froala Editor to the latest version

Imrpoved  Use end-users name and email for form submissions (as “from” name and email address)

Imrpoved  Changing the Packages route from /package to /packages

Imrpoved  Removed branding left-overs in navigation blocks


APRIL 11TH, 2018

NOTES: hotfix via auto update only

Fixed  Avoid curl error on ADMIN login

Fixed  Autoupdate required version should be min-required version

Fixed  Update according to Stripe API changes

Improved  Decouple frames table migration code and elements.json import code

Improved  Auto update improvements (require additional confirmation by ADMIN)



Fixed  Server returns error upon deleting block (block does get deleted)



Fixed  When a longer page is scrolled down a bit, the drag/drop handler image does not align up with the mouse cursor

Fixed  Admin background image are not included in exported sites/pages

Fixed  Some blocks don’t allow block background colors to be removed

Fixed  Navigation bars on mobile screens won’t close after being opened for the first time

Fixed  Image library page name was hard coded into the controller function (not coming from the language file)

Fixed  In the Enterprise and Professional 450 packages, the Parrot styling overwrites the Yummy styling, causing layout issues

Fixed  Users were able to update to a higher package without completing the payment part of the process

Fixed  Text is list items inside pricing tables can not be edited in some pricing table blocks

Fixed  The "email_lang.php" file needs to be in the English language folder to allow for proper translation

Fixed  Map 4 block rendering issues

Fixed  Image gallery does not work properly in preview, exported pages and published sites

Fixed  The "draggable" attribute should be removed from published and exported pages

Fixed  Webpack v1 causes several issues when building, due to incompatibility with Babel

Fixed  "Choose a package" label is hard coded in the template file, should be coming from the language file

Fixed  Some video components have layout issues on published pages

Fixed  Saving as template without any blocks on the canvas creates several JS console errors

New  Blocks can now have background color overlays

New  Admin can create a public site using the Bloxby page builder to be used as the front-end for the application

New  Users can upload their sites using FTP and/or sFTP

New  Users can now clone/copy existing sites

New  Block backgrounds can be applied using the parallax effect

New  Individual blocks can be saved a favourites, allowing users to re-use saved blocks

New  Blocks, block categories, components and component categories are now loaded and management from within the application

Improved  Block thumbnails are generated automatically

Improved  Bloxby can now run from a sub domain with all publishing functionality in-tact, including sub domain publishing

Improved  Improved installation script, with foler permission checks included

Improved  config files and route files can now be extended without having to mess with the original ones

Improved  Language file fall-back (when an item is missing from a translation, it falls back to the item from the original language file)

Improved  Improved site exported functionality; only used /assets are included in the exported ZIP

Improved  The color picker now allows for transparent colors

Improved  Improved canvas toolbar placement (better edge detection)



NOTES: hotfix via auto update only

Improved  Modifications to our auto update system, needed in order to be able to successfully update to 1.0.5 using the auto update functionality



NOTES: hotfix via auto update only

Fixed  Bug which allowed users to skip payment when upgrading to a higher membership plan until after they logged out of Bloxby



NOTES: This update is not currently available as an automatic update; it will need to be downloaded and installed manually

Fixed  User should not be able to create account without choosing package

Fixed  Form details are gone after faulty submission of the signup form

Fixed  System does not check if sub folder or sub domain are available when publishing site

Fixed  Signup captcha does not always work correctly

Fixed  Images are not responsive in exported sites (they expand beyond parent container)

Fixed  "All Blocks" label can not be translated

Fixed  Changing "components" label in elements.json breaks the components sidebar

Fixed  Some process blocks don't scale down properly on small screens (mobile devices)

Fixed  Custom domain publishing message is wrong

Fixed  Number of issues in MS Chrome prevent the page builder from functioning properly

Fixed  Running Webpack removes all user images; v1.0.4 now uses different location to store images

New  New image library; now allows cropping and resizing of images

New  Paypal integration: allow customers to be pay via Paypal instead of Stripe

New  Controller function hooks; the initial implemention of hooks allowing developers to modify controllers

Improved  Package settings now include: enable/disable export, max disk space for image uploads and templates

Improved  The Sites panel no longer loads site previews in iframes, instead now uses image thumbnails

Improved  The Users panel no longer loads site previews in iframes, instead now uses image thumbnails

Improved  Template previews in the template sidebar are now using image previews instead of iframes

Improved  The plan upgrade process is now completed within the application instead of by email

Improved  During the "save as template" process, the save button is disabled and showing a message indicating the process

Improved  Moved a number of placeholder labels from create.php to the language file

Improved  When logged in and loading the login page, redirect to the Sites panel

Improved  Block category and component cartegory buttons are now fixed in the sidebar and no longer scroll out of view


AUGUST 31ST, 2017

NOTES: available via auto update only

Improved  The auto update feature now supports migrations (needed to allow the auto update to make changes to the database)


JULY 27TH, 2017

Fixed  Pages created from template are not editable

Fixed  Block contents can’t be edited anymore after dragging/dropping block within the canvas

Fixed  Adding pages with spaces in the name causes problems

Fixed  Very hard to edit slide show images (the canvas toolbar disappears before the mouse cursor reaches it)

Fixed  Inline links inserted with the Froala inline editor break after publishing page

Fixed  Moving a block on the canvas resets the entire block

Fixed  Saved global CSS does not apply to published pages

New  Improved customizations phase 1: views (extended views/template while keeping the original files intact)

Improved  Proper formatting for markup in published pages

Improved  Improvements to the sidemenu and style editor in the page builder

Improved  Implement the title attribute for images

Improved  Make clear that links in preview dont work


JULY 3RD, 2017

NOTES: hotfix via auto update

Fixed  Can not edit template/saved pages after updating from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2 (need to save, reload before editing works again)


JUNE 29TH, 2017

Fixed  Issues with buttons in the navigation bars

Fixed  Icons missing when published on sub domain

Fixed  External links break when published

Fixed  Account name does not update (requires a logging out and back in)

Fixed  Image error inside page builder, wrong user ID causes broken images

Improved  Exported HTML code cleaned up, removed builder markup and proper indentation

Improved  Rich text editor; Medium editor has been replaced with Froala inline editor

Improved  Canvas component toolbar; hover and active states


JUNE 12TH, 2017

NOTES: hotfix via auto update

Fixed  str_get_html() related issues on CentOS (affecting published pages and revisions)

Fixed  Not showing the correct hosting options in the page builder as per the package restrictions

Fixed  Videos don’t work in published page

Fixed  Can’t update text in buttons with icons

Fixed  Switching pages toggles side panel in some case, forcing the secondary side panel to open

Fixed  Can not place navigation bar on new page, page switching breaks in some cases

Fixed  Upgrading membership package from account panel does not work properly

Fixed  Two Feature blocks don’t load on the canvas properly

Fixed  Template preview/thumbs don’t load properly

Fixed  Payment form loads incorrect year values for credit card information

New  Lazy loading of images has been implemented in the regular image library panel (outside of the page builder)

New  It is now possible to add logos to navigation bars