Create your own site building service

Create your own store building site similar to Users will be able to create their websites as paid service.
Every user will login to his account and begin building his site instantly. You set the billing cycles as well as the amount. Once completed, users can publish it on their domain or use your subdomain/subfolder.

  1. 1
    Easy start

    It's quick and easy to install. You can create your main page with Bloxby.

  2. 2

    Bloxby has built in customization tool. You can set any style you want for everything, use your logo and title.

  3. 3
    Make money

    Create packages to which your customers can subscribe. Bloxby integrates with payment processors Stripe and Paypal to collect and deliver your money straight into your bank account.

Customers can create awesome pages with Blocks & Components

With drag & drop functionality, blocks and WYSIWYG style editor users can create professional sites within minutes.

blocks to build webpages

Create everything with blocks

Bloxby comes with a bundle of professionally designed blocks, such as headers, contact forms, galleries, maps, etc. Your clients can easily drag & drop these blocks to create stunning web sites with many pages within minutes. 

Use additional components

For those customers who desire additional control over their pages, Bloxby offers a selection of components to customize pages on the canvas. Examples of components would be navigation bars, headings, text blocks, images, videos, maps, etc.

Modify everything

Change any style property for any element on the canvas. Set your company address on map, download your images, set contact e-mail in form. In addition to setting specific properties, style classes can also be applied, combining multiple styles.

drag and drop html style editor
allow users to use custom domains

Publish & Export your pages

Customers can publish websites on their own domain or use your subdomain/subfolder. Also they can download the source code of the website or export it via FTP.



Perfect for startups


  • Copy of the complete source code
  • 5 end-users (customers)
  • Install on 1 server
  • Forum Support
  • 100+ professionally designed blocks
  • This package does not include any future updates


Ideal for established businesses


  • Copy of the complete source code
  • Unlimited end-users (customers)
  • Install on 1 server
  • Priority support for 12 months *
  • Free updates for 12 months *
  • 250+ professionally designed blocks
  • Free installation service


Everything you'll ever need

$1999 999$

  • Copy of the complete source code
  • Unlimited end-users (customers) & servers
  • Lifetime Priority support
  • Lifetime updates
  • 450+ professionally designed blocks
  • Free installation service

After purchasing the initial license, you will receive a copy of the source code with a license to use the software. Also you’ll receive an e-mail with your login and password to access our support forum.

* If you want to continue receiving updates and support beyond the period included in your package, you will have to pay the biannual (every 6 months) renewal fee of $200 per 6 months.

What our customers write about Bloxby

As a web developer i’m using Bloxby to create unique sites for my clients and publish them. It’s so easy to create stunning sites and support them. That way i get money for developing, supporting and hosting customers sites. So Bloxby is saving a lot of my time.

Bloxby inspired me to open my first web business for users in my country. Most of my clients are very small companies and freelancers. I like that script for supereasy interface and friendly support. I'm waiting for adding some more features and blocks :)

I use this script on my site with other online services like logo creating, email template creating e.t.c. I offer free and paid plans, so users pay if they want more features. It's easy to extend and modify Bloxby, so i can tune and add everything what i need.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, feel free to shoot us an email or use live chat.
Also you can find more information at our Knowledge Base.

Can i modify the software?

Yes, you can. After purchasing, you will receive a copy of the software  and you’re free to modify the software as you like. You can easily add your logo and change the title. We do suggest following our modification instructions, as not doing so means your modifications will be overwritten during an update. Alternatively, you can turn off automatic updates to prevent your modifications from being overwritten.

Can i add additional blocks?

Yes. The blocks used by Bloxby are just plain HTML and therefore anybody familiar with HTML/CSS/JS can easily create additional blocks. There you can find additional documentation for adding blocks.

Can users use their own domain names with this service?

Yes, they can. Your customers can use several methods for hosting sites:
1. Subfolders
2. Subdomains
3. Custom domain names

What are the server requirements?

For full functionality you need VPS or dedicated LAMP server. If you don't need custom domain names feature you can run Bloxby just on cheap shared hosting. Here you can read more about our server reccommendations.

Can I charge my users? How do the user plans work?

Of course! You’re can set any pricing you want for your plans. Bloxby integrates with Paypal or Stripe to process and collect payments. You will have full control over limitations and options for each user plan. You can restrict things like the number of sites users can create, how and where they can publish their sites, if they can export their sites, how much disk space they can use for uploading images, which templates they have access to, etc.

If I want to upgrade to a higher package, will I need to pay the full price?

No! Just write us and you will receive a discount equal to the amount you paid for your initial plan.

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