8 Websites to get 100% free stock images to use for any project

websites to get 100% free stock images to use for any project

Stock images are a great way to populate websites, blogs, or business publications with the imagery they need to create a professional piece. These images are captured by photographers and are high quality, professional-level photographs. The lighting, angles, colors, contrast and more should be artistic, attractive, and eye-catching.

The cost of stock photos can add up, especially when you are using them for a blog or social media campaign that needs to be fed a consistent stream of content. That is why most content managers rely on free stock photos.

While there are plenty of places to find free images, the quality or style of those images might not be what you are looking for. Try the following free stock photo resources to see if they have what you want:

While the website has no captions, keywords or search functions, there are plenty of high-quality free business stock photos available. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and keep loading more until you find what you want.

This site is full of great options for nature and adventure stock photos. Many of their images have a human element to them, too. Easily search the site and find what you need for your project. This site has many photos that are unique in their tone and style.

Pixabay has plenty of intensely colorful photos. They have a wide variety of genres to choose from. This is one of the better resources out there for artsy photos or stock images that have a lot of emotion and moodiness to them. A lot of their photos are good for website creation or commercial use.

This site is great for magazine-quality spreads. They have lots of food photos, cityscapes, epic nature shots, abstract shots, and people-oriented shots. They have a section just for photos of women doing things.

There are plenty of stock photos with close up shots of geometric designs, architecture, shapes found in nature and nature scenes. The fashion section’s photos and pictures with people are very high quality. These would be appropriate for news stories, advertisements, and other commercial applications.

They offer some of the highest quality free photos on the web. Their pictures are very balanced, color-rich, and artistic. These images are good for any application and they have a lot of variety in their offerings. Though their photos are not categorized, the search function on this site is sufficient to help you find what you are looking for.

All nature photos, all the time. This site is run by a professional nature photographer who donates her photos to her site, in turn providing you with access to free nature stock photos. She uses many different styles of photography to provide an array of different images with different moods. A lot of the pictures appear to be from different photographers, but they are all from the same artist.

Reshot is a strong resource for finding business stock photos. Nearly every photo is a professional setting with excellent lighting and subject matter. Most are still life or action photos.

There are dozens of different sites that offer free stock photos for the taking. Explore what these sites are offering and see if they can help you populate your blog, articles, advertisements, website or other projects.

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